Experience the Best Skiing in Japan

You may think you’ve tried it before, but you haven’t fully experienced skiing in Japan until you’ve stayed and skied at Active Life Madarao. Extensive renovations undertaken in 2016 have transformed our resort in the magnificent Madarao highland area of Japan into an essential powder and tree-skiing destination. More than merely a resort stay, a visit to Active Life Madarao will immerse you in a completely curated experience, where everything from your coffee to the optimal firmness of your bed can be customized to your liking.

Each day, we do our utmost to ensure that the time you spend with us here at Active Life Madarao will exceed all of your expectations. Our friendly English-speaking staff are experts when it comes to your comfort and overall enjoyment. Relax and enjoy the stunning contemporary décor and comfortable accommodations while experiencing the thrilling world-class skiing, stunning natural beauty and warm hospitality that Madarao is renowned for. It’s an experience unlike any other, the perfect blend of Japanese hospitality and western convenience.

For a limited time, we are offering special booking rates (complimentary breakfast included) when you reserve your stay at Active Life Madarao.

Eat, Chill, Rest with Active Life Madarao Ski Resort

Unlike the skiing and scenery that are sure to get your heart racing, the local night life may be a little quiet for some people’s tastes. Fortunately, you can plan to meet up with your friends and fellow skiers in our warm and inviting hotel bar, and wind up your day sampling a delicious selection of local craft beer and wine. If you stay up a bit too late, a cup of our rich and flavourful coffee the next morning (the best for miles around) will soon have you back up on your skis.

We offer attractive and spacious room styles for our guests: the Standard Room with Private Shower for up to 2 people, the Deluxe Room with Ensuite for up to 3 people or the Family Room with Ensuite for group of 4. Our room layouts are extremely roomy and equipped to provide every convenience you could need for your stay, including ensuite, free Wi-Fi, plenty of storage space, fluffy towel. The comfort of our luxurious King-sized beds ensure you’ll awake each day refreshed and ready to ski.


Active Life Madarao is situated in the northern area of Nagano Prefecture, where weather conditions are consistently ideal for creating an endless supply of high-quality snow throughout our December-to-April season. Skiers the world over return here again and again to experience the spectacular scenery, varied terrain and incredible selection of 30 groomed and ungroomed runs, which jumps to 45 runs if you take on the extra 15 runs at the Tangram Ski Circus Resort, easily accessible from Madarao.

We have frequent visitors from Australia who jump at the chance to experience some of the very best powder and tree skiing in the world, waiting for them a mere 10-hour flight away. With only a two-hour time difference between here and down under, even your jet lag will be minimized, meaning you can get checked in and get skiing the same day you arrive.