5 Reasons Madarao is the Ultimate Escape for a Yoga-Ski Retreat

5 Reasons Madarao is the Ultimate Escape for a Yoga-Ski Retreat

When looking for a beautiful, serene place to spend time nourishing your body while enjoying some vigorous skiing and snow boarding, you should consider Madarao. Located in the northern area of Nagano Prefecture, Madarao is a stunning mountain resort in Japan, yet to be fully discovered by all travelers. Check out why Madarao is perfect for your next Yoga- Ski holiday.

Quiet and Peaceful

A hidden escape yet to be detected by the crowds, Madarao allows you to enjoy some quietude unknown to most ski resorts. This allows skiers and snowboarders the chance to skip long queues across the 15 chair lifts available on both Madarao and Tangram Resorts, while avoiding the competing for space during those countless powder days in Madarao that epitomises Skiing in Japan.

Off the slopes, this quietude keeps itself in the form of a family-friendly atmosphere – just perfect for a yoga and ski holiday. With cozy restaurants and cafes nearby, you can choose from Western to Japanese style dishes. Although you do find tourists from overseas, you will also get the chance to observe many Japanese people enjoying their holidays or weekends on this mountain. With many hotels and pensions being reopened, Madarao is slowly becoming known among snow lovers and Japan ski holiday enthusiasts – so take the opportunity to visit it while it’s still calm and relatively undiscovered.

Beginner to advanced runs

With 31 runs, groom or ungroomed, Madarao Mountain Resort has great runs for everyone: 30% made for beginners, 40% for intermediate and another 30% for advanced skiers and snowboarders.

In Madarao, you will find plenty of perfect fluffy Japanese powder snow. Madarao Kogen receives between 10 to 13 meters of snow per season, meaning, the chances are, you have a pretty good chance of some decent powder runs with a stay of about 7 days on the resort. In Madarao, off-piste skiing is encouraged – clearly evident in the summer ‘tree thinning works’ the resort staff regularly undertake! With 60% un-groomed runs and plenty of trees to play around, Madarao is great to explore your skills. For families, the Kid Parks on Madarao and the Tube rides on Tangram Resort are perfect, while more advanced riders and skiers can opt to test out the Free ride park which develops nicely into a compact, beginner to intermediate terrain park during the season.

Close to Tokyo

Within 2 hours, you arrive from Tokyo Station to the slopes. The short journey starts with 1 hour and 40 minutes on the Shinkansen, the Japanese bullet train, arriving at the town of Iijama. There, you can enjoy authentic Japanese culture in original restaurants and temples, while observing locals go through the heavily snowy winter. Within 20 minutes by car or bus drive (there’s a service running from Iijama to Madarao and other ski resorts nearby), you arrive at the top of the Mount Madarao.

Impressive Views

Surrounded by a beautiful mountain range, wait for a sunny moment to contemplate the impressive scenery – Mount Myoko sits solemn as one of the most strong presences within the mountains around. The landscape combines perfectly with a yoga retreat, giving you the ambiance to observe, have meditative walks and just enjoy the beauty around you.

Nearby other Ski resorts

Madarao is located amongst the other ski resorts of Nagano Prefecture. The proximity makes them easy to access and allows you day trips into different mountains. You can drive to Myoko Kogen and enjoy different slopes in this resort, 25 minutes drive from Madarao – there is also a bus service that connects both resorts. Nozawa Onsen, a traditional medieval cobble-stoned village, lies within 30 minutes drive from Madarao. There you can enjoy runs, but also one of the 13 public baths open for free to the public.

If you want a more relax entertaining day out, you can still visit the Jigokudani Monkey Park and watch the snow monkeys relax into the hot spring waters.

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