FebruBURIED in Madarao

2021-2022 has been a winter like no other. Our Madarao properties, Hakken by Active Life and Active Life Madarao still feel like home and are warm and cozy after being FebruBURIED. And thanks to Tracey the tractor, who is still keeping up the snow fight from December till now. She has never been this busy digging us out from 20+m of snow.

The snow condition this year is insane! We had 21 snowy days in February and that’s 373cm alone! including 46cm, 66cm, and 58cm of fresh snow on the 5th, 6th, and 21st of the month.

Madarao consistently delivers a motherload of powder, and this season has been one for the ages our snowglobe home becomes one of the snowiest places on the globe this winter. If you’ve been on Instagram and Facebook lately you must have seen it too. 

We have all the numbers from snowjapan.com to prove right here but nothing like seeing it before your eyes so we’ve collected the best snowiest shots of what was buried in February 2022, let’s check it out!

Hakken by Active Life


Miyuki Rentals by Active Life


Active Life Madarao


Active Life Mother Goose Cafe

It’s beary beary deep!


Active Life Ice Bar Music Hall


Xplore by Active Life

We’re planning to turn this marvelous snowy space in front of Xplore into something fun like a snowman competition and playground, so tune in here if you’re interested.


Tracey the Tractor


We closed out February with an incredible 1015 cm of cumulative snow! Tracey the Tractor is not tired and nor are we! A lot of digging and shoveling even continued into March and if you don’t want to miss out on this historical snowiest season at Madarao here’s our March promotions with 25% off, lock your preferred dates in now and join us on a chest-deep slope! And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to witness this amazing season together!


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