Japan Borders Lifted Entry Ban for 106 countries

Rumor has it Japan has lifted its borders for 106 countries!

Japan has been closing its borders since early 2020 when the pandemic started to most foreign travelers until now when other countries started to reopen for overseas tourists.

The Japanese government statement a few days ago (Wednesday, April 6, 2022) said that Japan will lift the ban on country entry to 106 countries, with consequences in all of the skistarving nations from all over the world posting this news on their social media accounts spreading the news causing excitement and confusion for everyone.

What really happened was the government will lift the entry ban on 106  countries and will be effective on April 8 2022 including Thailand, Canada, The United States, and 103 more listed on the foreign ministry website.

But the fact of who can enter Japan hasn’t changed, this lifting of the travel ban doesn’t apply to tourism, Currently, there’s no other news on when will Japan reopen its borders to tourists. In the meantime, Active Life Japan is working hard to welcome you back to the mountain. We’ll keep an eye out on the border situation and keep our fingers crossed for the good news! 

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See you on the slopes really soon!

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