Ski resort hopping with Active Life

How many times have you skied in Japan? How many days do you usually stay in a ski resort? And how many mountains can you conquer in one stay?

What if we say you can visit 13 Nagano ski resorts in 1 stay! A seamless powder hunting experience you can only get when staying with Active Life!


Active Life is operating 3 ski resorts in Madarao, located in the heart of Madarao Kogen village, And is offering a complimentary inter-resort shuttle to 12 nearby ski resorts because we want to create the best snow experience for you, not only the cozy lodges but we are extensively looking to provide every service to make your stay the most extraordinary.


The inter-resort shuttle is surely the utmost benefit of staying with Active Life, and here is how it works…

We pick the ‘resort of the day’ by choosing the destination with the best snow forecast on each day, and the only thing you need to do is reserve your seat at the front desk! the seats are limited and booked out really fast. The shuttle leaves at 7:50 am drop you off at the ski resort of the day and pick you up at 4 pm.


If you are looking for some adventurous and epic snow moments in Japan, this is definitely the place for you. And for those who have never skied in Japan before, the time is NOW. check out Active Life’s promotions&packages and lock in your winter holidays but if if you still need time to decide, check out the 12 nearby resorts list below and you will see why you cannot get this experience anywhere else but Active Life 🙂

  1. Myoko Suginohara

    Myoko Suginohara is one of the Prince snow resorts with the longest runs and super long groomed runs perfect for intermediates, and massive snow!
    Max. run length: 8,500m
    Vertical drop: 1,124m
    Trails: 16
    Lift ticket: ¥4,800-¥5,000 (adult, 1-day ticket)

  2. Myoko Ikenotaira

    Myoko Ikenotaira is one of the Myoko ski resorts and has ideal terrain for beginners.
    Max. run length: 4,500m
    Vertical drop: 700m
    Trails: 10
    Lift ticket: ¥4,000 (adult, 1-day ticket)

  3. Myoko Akakura Onsen Ski Area

    The largest ski area in Myoko, has the most bars&restaurants in the Myoko village.
    Max. run length: 3,000m
    Vertical drop: 550m
    Trails: 17
    Lift ticket: ¥4,900 (adult, 1-day ticket)

  4. Myoko Akakura Kanko Resort

    Enjoy fresh massive powder and a 4,500 meter-long run and kids’ square for families.
    Max. run length: 4,500m
    Vertical drop: 760m
    Trails: 10
    Lift ticket: ¥4,800 (adult, 1-day ticket)

  5. Seki Onsen

    A small ski resort with 2 lifts with wholesome amount of snow that the resort oftenly open until the first week of May while others are closed!
    Max. run length: 1,500m
    Vertical drop: 310m
    Trails: 10
    Lift ticket: ¥3,800 (adult, 1-day ticket)

  6. Lotte Arai

    The famous international ski school. Equipped with a range of advanced runs, terrains are perfect for all levels of skiers and snowboarders.
    Max. run length: 7,000m
    Vertical drop: 951m
    Trails: 20
    Lift ticket: ¥6,000 (adult, 1-day ticket)

  7. Nozawa Onsen

    One of the most popular onsen destinations in Nagano with the best apres skiing experience. Wide variety of terrain with longest runs of 10km!
    Max. run length: 10,000m
    Vertical drop: 1,085m
    Trails: 36
    Lift ticket: ¥5,200 (adult, 1-day ticket)

  8. Kita Shinshu Kijimadaira Ski Resort

    An uncrowded slopes with perfect snow conditions!
    Max. run length: 1,990m
    Vertical drop: 796m
    Trails: 8
    Lift ticket: ¥3,900 (adult, 1-day ticket)

  9. X-Jam Takaifuji

    One of the largest snow parks in Japan. Perfect place for intermediate skiers and boarders.
    Max. run length: 2,000m
    Vertical drop: 350m
    Trails: 13
    Lift ticket: ¥4,200 (adult, 1-day ticket)

  10. Ryuoo Ski Park

    Max. run length: 6,000m
    Vertical drop: 1,080m
    Trails: 17
    Lift ticket: ¥5,000 (adult, 1-day ticket)

  11. Togari Onsen Ski Resort

    Located between the borders of Nagano and Niigata prefectures, famous for its terrains and panoramic views of Nozawa Onsen village.
    Max. run length:3,000m
    Vertical drop: 650m
    Trails: 18
    Lift ticket: ¥4,200 (adult, 1-day ticket)

  12. Tangram Ski Resort

    Large ski resort surrounded by beautiful mountain views,  quiet and uncrowded slopes for those who seek some privacy powder chasing experience.
    Max. run length: 2,500m
    Vertical drop: 520m
    Trails: 14
    Lift ticket: ¥4,300 (adult, 1-day ticket)

Start your 22/23 winter holiday off right at Active Life Japan, Let’s hop through Nagano 12 ski resorts in 1 stay!

Let us know how we can help you plan your dream holiday!

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