Japan to open its borders for tourists

Have you heard? Japan is going to open its borders to tourists for the first time since the pandemic in 2020.

The government said on Tuesday (May 17), that it will start to gradually allow small groups of tourists to enter Japan this month (May 2022) onwards and it’s the news we have been wanting to hear for so long!

Around the end of last month, we heard the news about it opening its borders for business visitors, and some students to enter. And now, there’s good news for tourists who are from Australia, Thailand, the US, and Singapore.

Japan still has no new updates on when it is going to lift the border restrictions fully for all travelers, but if you’re from the 4 countries listed above there’s a chance that you can travel in groups to enter Japan via Japanese travel companies.

Before you start planning your trip you must be triple-vaccinated against the Covid-19 and hold a private medical insurance policy.

The testing requirement for entering Japan is still the same, you have to submit a negative Covid-19 test taken 72 hours before departure and test again upon arrival.

We, Active Life are still looking for more details of this decision as most of them are unclear and yet to be decided, but again, fingers crossed we are thrilled to welcome you back to Japan soon!

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