Palcall Tsumagoi by Active Life

Season starts 10 Dec 2022

Uncover Palcall Tsumagoi by Active Life for yourselves!

Conquer Japan's largest terrain park

A newly build terrain park perfect for everyone who seeks quiet slopes from beginner to advanced level. The park consists with 3 parts and more than 50 terrain items!

Palcall Magic Terrain Park
Japan's No.1 Terrain Park

The "R" Area

The concept of “R” is a 1,000 m long area that everyone from any level can enjoy.

The "Infinity" Area

An infinite 500 meters of fun, perfect for skiers and boarders for all levels.

The "24" Area

Just like how it was named. 24 hours open! Features 5 terrain items.

The park is designed to suit your style. Palcall offers a variety of terrain item options to satisfy the needs of skiers & borders of all ages and abilities.

Explore the magic terrain click here
standard twin

Standard Twin Room

Standard twin room features 2 twin beds, a private bathroom, and plenty of storage space. The room is 25 square meters.

  • Room size: 25m²
  • Occupancy: up to 1-2 guests
  • Bed: 2 twin beds
  • Private bathroom
  • Yukata & toiletries included
deluxe twin


This deluxe twin room features 2 comfortable, twin beds and a private bathroom. The room is 325square meters.

  • Room size: 35m²
  • Occupancy: up to 2-3 guests (rollaway provided)
  • Bed: 2 twin beds
  • Private bathroom
  • Yukata & toiletries included


This double room features 1 double bed and a workstation with a private bathroom.

  • Room size: 32 m²
  • Occupancy: up to 1-2 guests
  • Bed: 1 double bed
  • Private bathroom
  • Yukata & toiletries included


This generous-sized maisonette room features 2 floors separated by a spiral staircase. The room is 52 square meters with a private bathroom, with 4 twin beds.

  • Room size: 52 m²
  • Occupancy: up to 4-5 guests (rollaway provided)
  • Bed: 4 twin beds
  • Private bathroom
  • Yukata & toiletries included
jap room


A traditional Japanese room with a spacious space of 20 - 25 tatami is perfect for a group of 2-6 people

  • Room size: 20 - 25 tatami
  • Occupancy: up to 2-6 guests
  • Private bathroom
  • Yukata & toiletries included

Terms and Conditions

- This offer can only be applied towards Palcall Tsumagoi by Active Life hotel.
- The offer is only eligible for direct bookings in the 22/23 season.
- Free cancellation, if made 7 days before arrival date.
- Refunds will be processed as soon as possible but may take up to 120 days.

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