Our instructors are not just selected based on their qualifications and skills but for their personal qualities too – in particular, their emotional intelligence, integrity, focus on safety, sense of humour and attention to detail; attributes we believe that will help us achieve our goal of maximising guest experience.

ALSC offers both female and male instructors certified under any one of the highest rated global certifications including the Professional Ski Industry Association (PSIA), American Association of Snowboard Instructors (AASI), British Association of Snowsport Instructors (BASI), the Canadian Ski Instructors Association (CSIA), the New Zealand Ski Instructor Association (NZSIA), Australian Professional Snowsport Instructors (APSI), which are all governed by the International Ski Instructor Association (ISIA).



PK is responsible for the running of the Active Life Snow Club and the guest experience associated it.  He brings 5 seasons as a certified Snowboard Instructor in the USA and Canada and as a Snow School Supervisor in the USA.  He is formerly qualified as a level 2 Snowboard Instructor in the PSOA/ASI system.  PK has extensive customer service experience and currently co-owns one of our Hotels, Hakken by Active Life Madarao.

Our Awesome Instructors



Mark is captain of the Snow Sports ship.  He’s been teaching snowboarding for 9 winters and has previously supervised in Thredbo, Australia.  Mark is a CASI 2 certified instructor with his park 1 qualification and a Cert III in Alpine Guiding.  Mark has also worked as an outdoor guide, a scuba guide and National Technical Official for the Halfpipe during the 2018 Winter Olympics.



Maya is our social butterfly.  All the way from Queenstown in New Zealand, she’d been skiing since she was 7 years old.  Apart from being a certified ski instructor, she also teaches group fitness classes and loves a good dance session.  She was named Queen of Uni Snow Week 2018, has a Bachelor of Science majoring in Neuroscience and is currently studying in Law



Dom is the guy you want with you in a zombie apocalypse.  He’s a skier and surfer from Coffs Harbour, Australia (famous for the Big Banana).  Dom first skied at Perisher in 2015 and has since carved up the slopes in the US, Norway and Japan.  When he’s not skiing powder or riding waves, he’s tutoring Math and Science, and studying for his Physics and Politics degree.



Hailing from Sydney, Australia.  Veronica is one of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet.  She’s CASI certified instructor with a Sports Management degree under her belt.  Veronica came to Japan to meet new people, ride some powder and share her passion for snowboarding.  When she’s not on the snow.  Veronica is paying soccer and coaching soccer camps.



Andy is always cool, calm and collected.  He comes from Sydney in Australia and is qualified Alpine Ski Instructor.  Andy is also a swimming coach, tutors mathematics and is studying a Bachelor of Commerce with a Bachelor of Computer Science.  He’s come to Japan to see some great views, meet awesome people and ride the famous Madapow.



Isla is our own personal ski racer.  Her home town is Lochgilphead in Scotland and she is a BASI certified Ski Instructor and swim coach.  Isla has competed in ski racing in the English Championships in Italy and loves slalom racing.  When she’s not training you can find Isla going to see live music and drawing.



Tucker Paris has one of the coolest names in skiing.  He’s originally from Bermuda but has since moved to Queenstown in New Zealand.  Tucker specializes in instructing kids (but thinks adults are just as fun) and also teaches taekwondo.  In his spare time you’ll find Tucker skiing between trees, working on his acting skills and playing Dungeons & Dragons.


CARA - Snowboard Instructor

Cara is our energizer bunny from London, England.  She comes equipped with her SBINZ level 2 and Cara Children’s Teaching Certification.  Cara has snowboarded in France, Italy, Australia, Switzerland, Dubai, USA, New Zealand and now Japan.  She also coaches field hockey, used to play hockey for South England and is studying a Bachelor of Science in Pre-Clinical Medicine



Alex is the team Larrikin that hails from Callington, England.  He’s CAIS 2 certified instructor with his Park 1 qualification.  He loves hitting the park, riding through trees and playing golf.  While Alex has snowboarded in France, Italy, Canada and Bulgaria, he’s come to Japan to experience the country’s unique culture and legendary powder snow.

Instructor Development and Training

We consider our instructors as a critical part of our guest service and highly value their time and investment into the snow sports industry.

In addition to some compulsory on-snow training sessions within the first week of opening, ALSC offers additional training program for instructors, facilitated by industry professionals, with the goal of allowing our instructors to hone their skills and work toward higher qualifications.


At Active Life, we offer an array of culinary experiences using only the best local produce straight from the source.

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