Yoga Ski

Begin your powder day with our complimentary Ski Yoga Classes

Active Life offers daily complimentary yoga classes, exclusively for guests, with our in-house yoga instructor. Morning yoga is an excellent warm-up practice to begin your day before hitting the slopes. 

Begin your day with a Pre-Ski Warm Up Yoga Class

Our certified yoga instructor will guide through invigorating sequences to prepare your body before hitting the slopes. Our yoga classes are designed specifically for skiers and snowboarders with an emphasis on building flexibility and balance. At the end of a long day flying down the runs, try our Apres-Ski Stretch Yoga Class to stretch and soothe your muscles. With a calm pace, this practice will lead you through key restorative postures, stretching out any soreness from the day and getting you ready for your next run.

Meet our instructor

Bianca Riet Villanova

Bianca is a certified yoga instructor who’s passionate about the transformational power of yoga. Inspired to delve deeper, Bianca traveled to India and Thailand to seek the knowledge of Yoga Therapy and Meditation. She continues to train and teach in South East Asia and Brazil, her home country. 

During her first season in Madarao, Bianca learned to snowboard and how to use yoga to improve her stance, balance and coordination skills.

Her goal is to bring yoga to a community of snow lovers to improve their skiing and snowboarding skill and to help them create an amazing experience on the mountain.

Complimentary Meditation Yoga Class

Meditation is proven by science to relieve anxiety and improve concentration. In our Complimentary Meditation Yoga Class, you will learn how to stabilize your mind, enhancing your focus and inner power. Enjoy the peaceful experience of sitting quietly, as you learn to explore your own self, overcoming difficulties and discovering tools that can help both on the slopes, as well as in your daily routine.

Pre-Ski Warm Up Yoga Class

Wake up your whole self in this invigorating yoga class. Starting with a slow warm up, building flexibility, and moving gradually into a more energetic practice, you will activate your muscles and joints to tackle the slopes. This class focuses on warming up for the day and also bring you tools to improve your ski and snowboard: strengthen your core muscles and legs, as you learn how to breathe into strong postures, heighten your sense of balance and a stable stance, enhance your body awareness, getting the ability to engage only the necessary muscles during each exercise.

Apres-Ski Stretch Yoga Class

Relax and enjoy yourself with a stretchy calm afternoon practice, perfect to unwind your body after the slopes. Here is the place to get in contact with your body on a deeper level, enhance your body awareness and get that flexibility that will make the movements on the board and skis easier.

Slowly moving from posture to posture, respecting your body limits, you will stretch out soreness and tension – get a better night’s sleep, and feel fit for the snow the next day.

Private Yoga Class

If you want to dive deeper into Yoga and explore your body, breath and mind, our Yoga instructor will tailor private lessons specific for your needs. In individual encounters, you will get an in depth experience of yoga, according to your wishes and needs. This is also the best option to deal with specific physical or emotional conditions, difficulties in postures or movements and individual training for snow sports. The class is one hour long, in our Yoga Shala. 

Yoga Ski Package (March 2020)

Allow yourself to dive into the best experience that yoga and snow can bring you in Madarao. In our Yoga Ski Package, you will be part of a program which includes two daily yoga lessons, meditation, a healthy breakfast, and dinner. Enjoy the wonders of the slopes, the beauty of Madarao and also get some quality time for yourself in a relaxed and exciting holiday at Active Life Madarao.  

In the Yoga Ski Package, you will join tailored lessons that explore Yoga, gradually deepening its practice and understanding. 

Yoga FAQ

I am new to yoga, can I attend yoga classes at Active Life?

Sure! We all start somewhere.  All of our yoga classes are suitable for any level of yoga practice. Our yoga instructor will offer options to modify or vary the yoga postures to suit the various needs.  

I am a beginner who’s learning to ski/ snowboard, can I attend yoga classes?

Of course! Come! Yoga will equip you for the day on the mountain. To maximize your Active Life experience you can also enjoy daily complimentary ski & snowboard lessons when you stay 4 nights or more between 28 of December 2019 and the 16 of February 2020.

You can enjoy complimentary ski & snowboard lessons when booking for a minimum of 4 nights between the 28th of December 2019 and the 16th of February 2020.

What should I bring?

Come with an open mind, we will take care of the rest. Don’t forget to bring comfortable yoga clothing when you pack your bag!

P.S. If you don’t want to bring your own ski/snowboard gear, we provide a wide range of premium snow equipment for rental at Miyuki Snowsports by Active Life.