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After a fun day of shredding in deep fluffy Madapow, it’s time to indulge your taste buds and discover amazing flavours created by Iron Chef Contender, Chef Mehmet. At Active Life, we offer an array of culinary experiences using only the best local produce straight from the source.

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Chef Mehmet Semet

Introducing our new Executive Chef, Mehmet Semet, Iron Chef FINALIST, Master Chef Judge, and former Executive Chef at INVITE Bangkok.

Semet was inspired by his family’s passion for cooking. He usually went on fishing trips with his dad and his mom taught him how to make homemade jams and marmalades at a very young age. That’s where he fell in love with food.

After finishing culinary school, he developed his early culinary skills working as a Junior chef in a famous restaurant in Oslo. Here, he learned the art of marrying natural ingredients from the forests of Norway.

Moving to New York City to work at Annisa, his first Michelin-starred restaurant Mehmet honed his skills and formed unforgettable culinary and customer service experiences. thereafter, and keen to discover more about French-Asian fusion food, he joined Bagatelle, another Michelin-starred restaurant in Oslo for a year.

After Norway, it was time to learn about new cuisines and cultures and further refine his ever-widening interest in Asian foods. He moved to Thailand where he gained immeasurable experiences in Asian cooking to take his career one step further.

Recently, Mehmet has joined the Active Life team in Japan as our Executive Chef, where he aspires to bring his innovative flair and attention to the table, while contributing significantly to the Active Life guest experience. “Here at Active Life, I want to use my experiences over the past years to create something simple but outstandingly tasty with a focus on farm-to-table dining using local, seasonal and homemade ingredients.” says Semet. “We want to bring our guests a unique experience of Asian-Western cuisine prepared to delight your palate while allowing our guests to refuel after a day's riding or skiing”



At Active Life, we offer an array of culinary experiences using only the best local produce straight from the source.

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