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After a fun day of shredding in deep fluffy Madapow, it’s time to indulge your taste buds and discover amazing flavours created by Iron Chef Contender, Chef Mehmet. At Active Life, we offer an array of culinary experiences using only the best local produce straight from the source.

Tingle your taste buds with different food experiences we have to offer

Complimentary Breakfast

All Active Life guests enjoy daily complimentary breakfast curated and created by Chef Mehmet!

Active Life Food Outlets


Fat Chef gives a taste of the warm side of Japanese cuisine with delicious Nabe. Cook your own stew and share the fun experience with your family and friends. Or, if you prefer an Aussie style BBQ, grab some meat and grill your own! And for the real local touch, pair with local Craft Beer from Nagano.


At The Sports Bar we offer a casual dining experience with varieties of handcrafted and homemade products. Here as much as we focus on food, we also focus on how our guests have their evening in a joyful and relaxed way. Seasonal and fresh ingredients are our “must”. We will be serving burgers, hotdogs, tacos and skewers directly from the grill to your table. It is a perfect spot to watch your favourite games, play board games, chill and enjoy mouthwatering tasty food.


Enjoy Hakken cosy bar and restaurant for famous Japanese whiskeys, premium craft beer and spicy homemade mulled wine. Serving fresh vegetarian tacos, buddha bowls and chilli garlic edamame. Vegan and gluten-free friendly. Limited space, bookings are essential. Daily promos/happy hour available.


A japanese izakaya with traditional beverages such as sake, highball, Chu-hai, Umeshu, Calpis, and mocktails. Pair your drink with nibbles or delicious Japanese hot plates. The perfect place to chill like a local! The only place in Madarao to have a Sobal Master perform a spba demonstration, making enough to serve 10 lucky customers!


Tap that! Slurp it! is a relaxing atmosphere to kick back and relax after a day of breath-taking skiing/snowboarding. Enjoy the taste of refreshing local Craft Beer from specialised brewers in Nagano, an alcoholic twist on ice-cream sandwiches for the PG version. Looking for something to pair with your cold drinks? We also have hot ramen, popcorn chicken, gyoza, edamame and fries for you to enjoy.! Daily promo/happy hour available.


Active Life brings you the one-stop pit-stop! From freshly brewed coffee, baked goodies, to a Cheeky Chocky for the darling ones, Caffeine’d is the perfect, in-between, or after skiing/snowboarding location to re-energize.

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