How to Stay Warm and Comfortable During Your Ski Trip

Nothing ruins a day on the slopes like getting too cold. It’s already cold during ski season. Pair the cold temperatures with freezing wind hitting your face when you’re going downhill and then sitting on a frozen lift, and you’re likely to freeze if you’re not prepared. With the right equipment and gear, you can keep yourself warm even in below freezing temperatures. Follow these tips to make sure you stay warm and comfortable during your ski trip.

Check the Forecast

When deciding what to wear and what gear to bring with you on your skiing trip, make sure you check the weather. You want to check the forecast for the Madarao Ski Resort area for the exact day you plan on going. It’s important to check the forecast for the right area because the weather in one place, even if it’s just a few miles down the road, might not be relevant to where you’ll be skiing. Along with checking the temperature for the area, you should check the wind and sun forecast as well.

Eat Enough the Day of Your Trip

Have you ever gone a long time without eating and realized you felt colder than normal? If you’re not consuming enough calories, your body won’t be able to stay warm. It’s obviously important that you eat enough every day, but especially make sure you’re eating enough when you plan to be out in the cold. If you go skiing on an empty stomach, not only are you going to low on energy, but also your body temperature will be much lower than normal.

Don’t Get Cold Feet

When choosing your clothes for a day of skiing, start at the bottom. Having cold toes is never fun, so you want to take every step necessary to keep them warm. Start with a pair of perfect-fitting boots. You don’t want them to be too loose or too tight. The best pair of boots for skiing is one with insulated liners. Perhaps even more important than your boots is the right pair of socks. If you go out wearing an everyday pair of cotton socks, be prepared to have freezing cold feet. Instead, you want to wear socks that are just for skiing. These will usually be knee-high to add warmth to your legs. Don’t make the mistake of getting socks that are too thick either. Sweating when it’s freezing outside will have you shivering in your boots before even get off the lift.

Keep Those Fingers Warm

If you’ve ever had a snowball fight without gloves, you probably remember that stinging cold feeling you get almost instantly when touching the snow. Cold hands is a common problem among skiers, but can be alleviated by wearing the right hand gear. First, buy a good pair of mittens. They keep your hands much warmer than normal gloves thanks to your natural body heat. Don’t buy just any pair of mittens though. A $5 pair at your local shop isn’t going to cut it. You might have to spend a pretty penny on a quality pair of mittens or gloves, but it’s worth it. A few brands that hold up well in below freezing temperatures include Marmot, The North Face, and Dakine.

Choose the Right Base and Outer Layers

A base layer isn’t required, but is extremely helpful on those super cold days. You want to choose a base layer made from synthetic fabric rather than plain old cotton, to keep your skin dry. The outer layer is perhaps the most important part of your skiing outfit. You don’t want to skimp on this part of your outfit. Remember that you’re going to be in extremely cold temperatures and chances are, you’re going to fall a few times. Make sure your outer layer is waterproof and insulated to ensure the best warming action. You also want a jacket that fits tight, rather than one that hangs loose.

Know Your Own Body

It all comes down to your own body. If you’re natural hot natured, you might not need all the extra layers. If you’re one of those people who stay cold all the time, you probably want to layer up. If you get hot a lot, consider clothes with zippers so you can regulate your body temperature if you get overheated. Remember, you can always shed a layer if you get too hot. It’s better to have too many layers than not enough.

Now that you know how to stay warm, you’re ready to hit the snow. Make sure you take breaks to thaw by the fire or enjoy a big mug of hot cocoa.




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