Health Benefits of Skiing and Snowboarding

Health Benefits of Skiing and Snowboarding

Are you a keen skier? For many people, there is nothing better than being on the piste and feeling the wind rush past you as you head down the slopes at speed. The thrill is what brings many people back to the slopes year after year, especially for those that prefer the more extreme elements of the sports. As enjoyable as it can be, though, pleasure is not the only benefit that it can bring, as it can also be very beneficial for your physical and mental well-being. Heres a look at some of the health benefits of skiing and snowboarding.


Good Mood

Skiing involves exercise, and this in turn helps to release endorphins. These endorphins are basically what make us feel good about everything, helping to put us in a good mood. While back in the rat race, life can be difficult, making it hard to enjoy life as we should. Get away from it for a while and head to the slopes, and you can get that rush that makes you feel human again.

Good Overall Mental Health

In addition to releasing endorphins for a short-medium term fix, exercise also helps to reduce blood pressure and generally get us into good physical condition. This, in turn, helps us to maintain stable mental health. In addition, being on the slope exposes us to sunlight, which is important for our mental health as it encourages the production of vitamin B. This helps our bodies to function as they should, keeping us energised and in positive mental health.

Good Cardiovascular Health

Skiing get the heart pumping, and this is a good thing for our cardiovascular health. Getting the heart pumping helps to make our heart stronger and also helps to prevent blockages of veins and arteries. In addition, exercising lungs will help to increase their effectiveness, making it easier for you to breathe in everyday life as well as when you are exercising. With good cardiovascular exercise you will feel fitter, more energised and better prepared for the day ahead.

Improved Muscle Strength

Skiing can be very demanding on our muscles, which helps to make them stronger. The legs in particular will get a heavy workout when skiing. While your legs may ache to begin with, depending on how used to exercise you are, the initial aches and pains will fade. Keep it up, and your legs muscles will continue to get stronger. You will feel the benefit in everyday life, and even walking to work will become less of a chore and more of a pleasure.

Burning Calories

When we consume more calories than we burn, the excess gets turned into fat. This fat is stored around our body and can lead to us becoming overweight, it gets particularly troublesome for people that have reached a certain point in life where their metabolisms slow down. Skiing, however, is an excellent opportunity to burn calories, helping to shift some of that extra weight. Studies have shown that skiing will burn around 450 calories per hour, while will really helping you to lose weight if you need to.

Flexibility and Coordination

Skiing requires the ability to maintain your balance even when going down the slopes. This can be difficult at first, but can be learned by anybody that is determined enough. This will help you to improve your flexibility and coordination overall and, eventually, being able to ski will almost come naturally to you. Improved flexibility and coordination can also help you in some other aspects of life.


As social creatures, being around other people is very important for our well-being. Skiing allows for an excellent opportunity to socialise whether it is with friends, family, or even strangers. New friendships and partnerships can be formed that might last the rest of your life. Socialising with others could also help to form and strengthen bonds in your professional life, and help to create connections in business and work.

Overall, while skiing may be an opportunity to have a good time, the activity has so much more to offer. Book a skiing trip and you could be on your way a lifestyle that helps you to become happier, healthier and more successful. Regardless, there should be no excuses needed to take the opportunity to have some fun.

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